Whether an observer with pen and paint, or camera...there are many ways to express the scenic beauty of Northland, New Zealand.

Your host Al Pagel, a veteran shooter with Sea Of Love Photography, will get you off the tourist trail and onto the  best local places where you can explore the sights and hone your photography skills. We offer guided field trips, self drive consultancy and on site photography in our colourful sub-tropical garden on the bay. The Bay Of Beach House setting  offers superb photo opportunities to shoot yachting regattas and panoramic seascapes, so you really needn't leave the premises.  Give us your parameters of time, style and main interests and we will do the rest!

 With 40 years experience, Al will be there whenever needed to help answer questions, offer positive critique and enthusiastically "share the stoke!"

Our guests at the Bay Of Islands Beach House Loft will be introduced to one spectacular location after another. By land or by sea you will walk, contemplate, see, smell, feel and absorb the true essence of this unique and picturesque landscape.

Photographers of all levels and sightseers alike will enjoy shooting some of the most amazing sights in the Bay Of Islands where you can capture "eye-poppin, jaw droppin" travel images, you will cherish forever.